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Writing for work in the 21st century

Pretty much everything has changed since the 1980s, right? And the style of business writing is no exception. So it’s really strange that some people still insist on writing the way they did in those days. Business writing then was very formal, often very wordy and generally not that easy to read. Now, professional writers know that they need to be clear and concise to get...
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Respect your readers

No matter what your readers did, when writing at work we always need to respect them and we need to word a difficult topic carefully. If you forgot to pay your council rates and received a letter saying things like “an irreversible detrimental notation will be recorded against each property owner/s Australian credit rating record” your first reaction might be: what the….. and you probably wouldn’t...
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Good writing is becoming trendy

During the last few years our efforts to teach as many people as possible how to write faster and better have paid off. Learning how to write well for today’s business world has become rather trendy as organisations (and individuals) realise how good it is for business to write clearly and quickly. Most organisations have writing style guides to support the idea of writing clearly and...
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