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MS Excel – Show the active cell on a worksheet

Sometimes you have a worksheet open and the cursor is nowhere in sight:
  • You could consult the namebox to get the address.
  • Alternatively you could press an arrow key to bring the cursor into view (this will move to a new cell at the same time).
  • But you can also just use Control + Backspace (Mac: Command + Delete) to automatically scroll the...
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Set tabs aside in MS Edge

While in Edge Browse you can "set aside" groups of tabs so you can restore them later. The benefit of using this feature is that it allows you to avoid visual clutter and save memory at the same time. Here's how to set aside and restore tabs in Edge Browser. The set aside feature works on all tabs in a window. Step 1 Click on the "set...
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Time-saving tools in Microsoft Office

TriCon have identified many time-saving tools we can teach you to use: Microsoft Word
  • Heading numbering
  • Styles
  • Automatic table of contents, list of tables or figures
  • Headers, footers and page numbers in different sections
  • Cross-referencing
  • QuickParts
  • Template development
  • Animating text or objects
  • Working with masters and slide layouts
  • Creating templates
  • Formulas and functions (for example, VLOOKUP and IF functions)
  • Inserting and modifying charts
  • Advanced searching for...
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