Time-saving tools in Microsoft Office

Time-saving tools in Microsoft Office

TriCon have identified many time-saving tools we can teach you to use:

Microsoft Word

  • Heading numbering
  • Styles
  • Automatic table of contents, list of tables or figures
  • Headers, footers and page numbers in different sections
  • Cross-referencing
  • QuickParts
  • Template development


  • Animating text or objects
  • Working with masters and slide layouts
  • Creating templates


  • Formulas and functions (for example, VLOOKUP and IF functions)
  • Inserting and modifying charts


  • Advanced searching for items
  • Setting up rules
  • Using QuickSteps to file emails quickly
  • Efficient email habits
  • Creating bookmarks
  • Selecting conversion preferences, ie converting Word headings to bookmarks
  • Linking, attaching or combining files
  • Creating interactive forms
  • Creating a document package for board papers, etc.

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